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Melissa Bennett

CDC Foundation

"Appreciate your support in building a training program and ensuring our needs were met throughout the project!"

Yvonne White-Morey

GrantStream Consulting

"This course is excellent for anyone seeking knowledge of federal grant management."

LaToya Blizzard

National Disability Rights Network

"I wanted to express my appreciation for your participation in making our conference a’s been positive remarks on your sessions."

Surline Joliecoeur

United Way of Coastal and Western Connecticut

"The information covered in the modules I participated in is invaluable. It really helped me to better understand the federal grant process and the role my organization plays in going through the process the right way."

L Speller


"This was great! I learned things I will take back to my staff."

Arlene Ajami

United Way of Coastal and Western Connecticut

"Clear understanding of what is needed to comply with federal grants."

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No matter your grant management experience, we have classes for the beginner and for the experienced. 


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Six-Week Bootcamp

This bootcamp will simplify federal grant applications and compliance. 

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Hi, I'm Patrice.


I use the skills and experience I gained as a government grants manager for over 13 years to help nonprofits, businesses and local agencies manage and comply with federal and private sector grants that positively impact people and communities.


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Federal Grants Basics

Your full access to several webinar replays and live classes that will teach you the basics of federal grants. You will also learn how to become government grant ready, understand the solicitation, build your grant oversight team, and how to manage the award budget.

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Grant Management

Choose from several on demand and live classes on topics such as Uniform Guidance, monitoring grant-funded expenses, direct vs. indirect costs, subrecipient monitoring, grant-funded procurement, cost allowability and more.

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Specialized Training

Dig deep into specific topics. Classes include: Crafting a Comprehensive Subagreement, Developing a Subrecipient Monitoring Plan, Partnering With Your Finance Team for Grant Management Success, and Understanding Uniform Guidance.

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What can you expect from a live Grants Works Academy class?

At Grants Works Academy we believe in "recipient-centered" grant training. We go beyond teaching the mechanics and give you insight on how what you are learning can be implemented in the "real world."  We can do this because our team managed grants for small and large nonprofits, a research university, and oversaw grants as a federal employee. Here's what you can expect:

Learn New Skills 

You'll learn the basics and how to implement them.

Interaction Encouraged

Learn how others resolve similar challenges.

Collaboration Is Celebrated

Get examples of how to enhance collaboration. 

Grant training aligned with your grant needs 

Grant Readiness

Eliminate the confusion and learn the steps to take to become "grant ready."

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Grant Applications

Learn how to effectively assess each funding opportunity and manage grant applications.

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Grant Management

Grant management starts with doing the analysis on the front end. Learn how.

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