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All training developed and led by Patrice Davis, a federal grants expert with 15+ years of experience managing federal and other government grants from over  20 agencies


Expand Your Knowledge of Obtaining and Managing Federal Grants

With billions of dollars in federal grant funding available, get the training and support to apply for federal grant funding for viable projects and programs. Get Instant Access to a complete library of resources to help you every step of the way!

When you become a Federal Grants Simplified Subscriber, You'll Learn...

  • The Basics of What is a Federal Grant

  • How to Find and Apply for Federal Grants

  • How to Understand the Solicitation

  • How to Build an Application Budget

  • Post-Award Grant Management¬†
  • So much more...

Access a Library Full of Federal Grant Training and Resources!

If you are a business development professional, nonprofit leader, grant manager, grant writer or fundraising professional with grant-related responsibilities or someone who wants to learn about federal government grants, this is the membership program that will ramp up your federal government grant knowledge and management skills


How to Apply for and Manage Federal Grants

Get a solid overview of how to apply for and manage federal grants and an in-depth summary of the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Fund authorized by the American Rescue Plan Act.

Your Shortcut to Finding Mission-Aligned Local, State & Federal Grants

Learn how to find local, state and federal government grants that are well-aligned with the organization or company’s programs, projects and services.

The ULTIMATE Government Grant Application Checklist

If you have ever attempted to apply for a city, county, state, or federal grant, you know it can seem like a daunting task. We compiled what we believe may be the ultimate government grant application checklist and we're sharing it with you.

Federal Grants Simplified FREE Masterclass

Learn more about Federal Grants through this beginner friendly masterclass on how to find, apply for and manage federal grants. Also, receive a SPECIAL BONUS EBOOK.

Let's Get Grant Ready: Your Custom Roadmap to Grant Success

Join us for a goal planning session. You will learn how to become grant ready to access grants that can expand the organization’s capacity to serve more people and impact more communities. Training helps you identify collaborative partners and other activities to become grant-ready.

Now's the Time: Learn About Federal Grants and Optimize the Application Process - Masterclass

Are you "government grant ready?" This detailed webinar replay will provide you with the practical knowledge to get started. You will also get an overview of federal grants, how to apply, and how to spot key details in a NOFO.

Federal Grants Simplified Bootcamp 

This six-module training helps learners understand federal grants from the basics to grant closeout. The training is divided into 6 modules: 1.) Federal Grants Overview, 2.) Pre-Award Success, 3.) Mastering the Application Process, 4.) Congratulations! You're Awarded! Now What?, 5.) Post-Award Success, and 6.) Compliance Is Not A Choice

Requirements for Passthrough Entities: What You Need to Know To Evaluate and Monitor Subrecipients 

Passthrough entities are required to provide direct oversight of each subawardee. There are actions you must take before you extend an agreement and during the project period. Join Grants Works CEO, Patrice Davis, as provides a detailed overview of passthrough entity requirements.

Client Transformations: 4 Case Studies of Organizations That Improved Management of Federal Grants Webinar

Join Grants Works CEO, Patrice Davis, as she shares four client wins--including their grant management profile before and after partnering with the company. She will also provide insight on how a grant management consulting company can enhance grant oversight capacity, reduce uncertainty, and support audit readiness.

This Subscription Includes a 1:1 Consulting Session at No Extra Cost!

*You must have a subscription for three months or more to book a 45-minute consulting session.



  • New or seasoned grant manager with little or no experience with government grants
  • Consultant or business development specialist with clients interested in pursuing government grant funds
  • Nonprofit executive leader interested in pursuing government grants to fund programs and services 
  • City, county, state or federal government employee who wants to enhance their federal grants knowledge and experience
  • Grant writer who wants to expand on their knowledge of government grants
  • Anyone who wants to know (more) about federal grants

Meet Patrice 

My name is Patrice Davis and I am the founder and CEO of Grants Works, a grant consulting company, and the lead trainer for Grants Works Academy.

I have over 15 years of experience managing or overseeing federal grants for large and small nonprofits, a top research university, and I reviewed grant continuation applications when I was employed at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

I managed federal awards as a recipient, subrecipient, pass-through entity and my work as a federal employee helped inform my experience.

Since 2005, I successfully administered over $129 million in federal, state and county grant funding from 17 city, county, state and federal agencies.

I provided training on Uniform Guidance (2 CFR 200), HHS’ adoption of Uniform Guidance (45 CFR 75) and managing grant-funded travel. I am also a fiscal consultant during site monitoring visits of federal recipients of grants from the Health Resources and Services Administration.

I am a member of the National Grant Management Association, Grant Professionals Association, and Georgia Grant Professionals Association.

Has worked with:

Grants Works developed a Federal Grant Management Training Series that has been rated by over 300 learners and has a 4.5/5 star rating.

If you feel that it's time for your team to maximize their ability to manage federal and other government grants and help the organization maintain compliance and eligibility for future awards, subscribe today!