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The ULTIMATE Government Grant Application Checklist

We created the Ultimate Government Grant Application Checklist to position organizations for pre-award preparedness. If you have ever attempted to apply for a city, county, state, or federal grant, you know it can seem like a daunting task. The Grants Works team compiled what we believe may be the ultimate government grant application checklist and we're sharing it with you.

$37.00 USD

Your Shortcut to Finding Mission-aligned Local, State and Federal Grants

During this live training, we will teach you how to find local, state and federal government grants that are well-aligned with your organization or company’s programs, projects and services. You will also learn how to maximize your search and how to find out which similar programs and projects have already been funded and by which agencies.

$199.00 USD

Now's the Time: Learn to Search & Apply for Federal Grants

If you want to apply for federal or other government grants but find the process overwhelming, this detailed webinar replay will provide you with the practical knowledge to get started. You will also get an overview of federal grants, awarding agencies, learn about discretionary vs. formula grants, how to optimize your search for funding, how to apply, and how to spot key details in a NOFO.

$99.00 USD

Here's your chance to finally learn (more) about government and other grants.

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