Grants Works Academy and Federal Grants Simplified Membership

Community Guidelines

Respect each other's opinions:
We welcome and respect each other’s opinions. However, whenever you are posting an answer to a question about a compliance issue or specific grant, we ask that you include the regulatory citation, link to the grant announcement, link to the federal agency’s grant administration guidelines, or other official resource (e.g. OMB website,, Code of Federal Regulations, etc.).

Take personal responsibility.
This is a core value of Grants Works and essential to everyone’s growth. The number one person responsible for their experience in this community is you.

Be respectful, even when you disagree.
This group is here to foster ways to learn more about federal grants, grants management, compliance challenges, and to have positive discussions. If you have value to add, respond! .

Share value! No hate and no shaming each other.
Introduce yourself, share wins, ask questions, give opinions and insights. We’re all here to support each other. The more you give, the more you get back.

Be resourceful.
Before you post a question, take a moment to see if the answer is already there in the FB group or in the member site. Don’t treat fellow members as your personal Google.

No private messages or links.
We encourage community and networking but, please, no links to sales pages, spam, or sales pitches. You must have explicit permission to PM someone in the group.

Ask for help when you need it.
We're here to support you. Please reach out to us with ideas, concerns, feedback, and issues at [email protected].



Published: December 19, 2022